Uniting to Protect the Environment

Chia-Yow Tsai/Student/Lynbrook High School
Even though life quality has arguably been enhanced by the products resulting from increasing technology, the environment suffers equally as much as is life quality improved. As illustrated by the recurring natural disasters which have plagued this planet for the past decade, countries around the world must take action in order to preserve the ecosystems in which we reside in. If we do not publicly recognize the environment issues, the environment will continue to deteriorate to the point where it might not even be suitable for humans to thrive in. As the environment has provided the natural resources in order for us to be able to modernize our societies, we must do the same to care for the environment and not overly abuse the environment in order to speed up economical or technological growth. In addition, we must not allow greed to interfere with human rights. Each person must be guaranteed the basic rights and freedoms in order to not live a life in fear and under oppression. Each human being must respect the opinions of others no matter the goals and desires of an individual.