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Development in Taiwan

The Association of World Citizens (AWC) has branches in over fifty countries around the world. For the past twenty six years, AWC has been successful in influencing international affairs, such as cutting the military budget, reducing the arms race, promoting human rights, especially for women and children, and reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, etc.

Currently, AWC projects sponsored by the United Nations include the establishment of a World Citizens General Assembly in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly. Future projects include holding open seminars, publishing various articles (including AWC newsletters), producing TV and radio programs to promote the ideas of AWC and subjects related to world peace. In the United States, AWC has its own dedicated TV channel to broadcast related reports of AWC activities. AWC Taiwan will also become a focus that will receive much attention.

In addition to promoting and sponsoring the objectives and activities of AWC, AWC Taiwan is active in promoting international cultural exchange activities. AWC Taiwan also produces videotapes and other materials, and has reporters who report on culture, peace, and human rights. Furthermore, AWC Taiwan works to unite the strength of AWC, the World Citizens Assembly, members of AWC, allies of AWC, and even the United Nations, in promoting world peace.