Environmental Protection

Kevin Wang/Mission San Jose High School

           I had some experiences with environmental protection. I have participated in  clean up events.  Although it was a lot of hard work cleaning up trash around the community for many hours, I felt very good. The sweat that were shed  was sweat of hard work to purify the environment. After the event, I learned many new ways to help the environment.  Some ways that currently use during Wisdom Cultural Camp was not to use plastic water bottles and to save paper tower when drying hands. Even though very action saves little, it all adds up over time.  When I help the environment, it makes me feel good.  If only everyone in the world could take measures like me, then this world would be a much cleaner place.  I have helped many new foreign students to adjust to their new surroundings. When I make friends with them, I feel that I am helping someone in need.