Taking Care Of Old Bed Ridden Patient

Fely P. Juanico/Caretaker/Juanico’s Home

Year 2003 was my first job outside my country and for me it's a big challenged in me because it's my first time to work as domestic helper and taking care of old perso. It's a big difference compare to my previous work in philippines. My first two years here in taiwan my ward can still walk alone his condition was good.

But after I renewed my contract my ward got stroked and he was in critical conditioned he was hospitalized for more that one month and he was in ICU for almost one month. My employer talk to me that we need a license nurse to take care of my ward or maybe they will put my ward in nursing home. But when my ward recovered already he was tranfered to the private room for a while and I was the one already taking care of him. The nurse and the doctor of my ward they saw how I took care of my ward and they believe in my capability that I can take care of my ward jusy like what the license nurse did and maybe I'm more better than the other nurse. The nurse taught me on how to take care of my ward if ever we will bring him home...She taught me on how to do suction and feed my ward. My ward was already NGT or stomach tube and stracheotomy and his conditioned was critical he needs proper care. He only took milk every meals and I feed him 5 times a day before I gave him 6 times a day but the doctor reduced it because my ward was getting fat. I've monitor his blood pressure every day morning and afternoon I gave him a massage and I was the one also who cut his hair because I want him to look always tidy.]

His situation just like living dead or they called it vegtables he can't speak already because he has tube on his neck. Every two hours I need to changed his position to avoid bed sore. and I've always see to it that he feels more comfortable. He needs more attention specially when he has cough because I need to do suction. I've gave him also his medicine regularly as doctor prescibe. I felt pitty also for him if I saw him not feeling better. He is just like a new born baby also that he needs proper caring. I treat him like my own real grandpa every morning if I woke up I've kissed his forehead and said goodmorning ang every time before I go to bed I've kissed also his forehead and said goodnight. Even he can't speak but I feel and I saw on his face that he smiled at me meaning he was happy that I'm doing it with him.

The situation of my ward was already almost 7 years that he was bed ridden. Every time the nusre visit him to changed the tube on his neck she asked me if my ward has bed sore but I've said no! then the nurse said I'm a good nurse too. If sometimes he got bed sore did not stay longer because I've cleaned it and out medicine on it and if it comes worse I've used the artificial skin to cover the broken skin. Sometimes I've got trouble also with my neck and and my back in carrying my ward because maybe I did not in proper position when I carried him. My ward needs paroper caring, love and patient as well. That's what I did to my ward I've show him how I cared for him. Taking care of bed ridden patient was not an easy job.