The House that Eats People


A long time ago there was a very old house in monster city. No one wanted to go in the old house because everyone that went in there disappeared.

One day there was a little girl who went to monster city. When she was there, she saw the old house and wanted to go in, but she was a little scared.

An hour later she saw a ghost horse. She asked the ghost horse if anyone went inside the scary house.

The horse told her that everyone who went in there disappeared. The horse watched the little girl go into the house and started crying.

Inside the house, the girl saw a lot of skeletons lying on the floor. She started crying. Then a ghost appeared and told her that the house eats anyone who goes

inside. The girl said “I will not let the house eat any more people” and the ghost disappeared.

The little girl stopped crying and went upstairs. Then she saw an old woman. The old woman told her that the house used to be friends with everyone.

Then a man came and broke the old ladies leg. The house got angry and started to eat everyone.

The girl asked the old woman and the house to stop being sad and hurting ppeople.

Suddenly the woman stood up and said “Yes! You are right!” and both her and the house started to laugh.

Then all the skeletons turned back into people and they all left the house.

A few days later, the old woman’s leg was better and she left the house too. Now everyone goes to the house to play with the ghosts.

I like this story. If you have time, you can read this book, too.