Respect on Human Right and Attention on Engineering Safety

Mr. Chin-Te Lin/Electrical Manager/Electrical manufacture

We shall make more attention to respect the Human Right. Because the more we respect the Human Right, the more safety and benefit we can get. We must protect the Human Right and the Engineering Safety. I offer some actual illustration for reference based on my engineering experience.

We offered an engineering service at one Automatic flour factory at 1992. The manager of the automatic flour factory advised us a serious story. During the factory built-up period, there was a serious explosion event. The research result was that one worker smoked at the smoke limited area. It caused the serious explosion event. The worker and one excellent Japanese Engineer were dead at the accident. If the worker could know that his smoke will cause his dead, he shall not smoke at that time and place. Therefore, I notice that the engineering safety and Human Right are very important at engineering job site. Otherwise, Even the electrical design and mechanical design are very good, if the workers do not respect on Human Right and take a big attention on Engineering Safety. The engineering job will become dangerous and not good.

I offered some supervisory commissioning service at the Vietnam coal power plant on 2009. The power plant was built-up by Japan Mitsubishi Company. All engineers and workers must have a listening and attention on engineering safety before the working of every day. I noticed that the Japanese and Vietnam safety managers make many training and class to emphasize the engineering safety. Because too many Vietnam people at the engineering job site do not understand the important of engineering safety. Many Vietnam people do not understand that smoke is very dangerous at the Engineering job site. The job site manager spent many time to offer training and guide for safety. Maybe some boss of small company will seem that this is losing time and money. But I see the actual action and goodness at the Vietnam coal power plant project. Make a big attention on Engineering Safety can prevent some serious accident. Attention on Engineering Safety is one kind of Respect on Human Right. It is very important for all Japanese Engineers, Taiwanese Engineers, Germany Engineers and all Vietnam workers.

I visited Japan Mitsubishi factory at Nagasaki on 2009. Nagasaki is the nuclear bomb explosion place at the Second World War. Because Nagasaki people know the actual serious problem on World War and explosion, Nagasaki people take more attention on world peace and engineering safety. Before the person enter the factory, he/her must participate the safety training class and take many personal safety equipments, including safety hat, safety shoes, safety belt, safety hook and safety leggings. This is my first time to use the safety belt, safety hook and safety leggings only for enter a factory. While I feel the heavy of these safety equipments, I feel that my life is with full respect and big attention at the time.

We helped a small steel company to overcome some special technical problem on 1994.

The boss of steel company considered the best cheaper built-up cost. The safety protection equipments were not enough during the manufacture test period. We saw many dangerous environment and condition. Some rod steel fly to outside rapidly, and some workers deal some problem with danger. The workers said that they know the danger and they will take attention for themselves, they will improve the dangerous condition later. I was surprised that they needed to work at the dangerous condition over than 3 months. If one worker was dead due to the danger, it will become a very bad result. We sincerely request that everybody must respect the Human Right and make a big attention on Engineering Safety.

It is sure that big company can lead the small company to respect the Human Right and make a big attention on Engineering Safety. And it is need more and more person's support and encouragement. Many people forget the important of Human Right and Engineering Safety,

And want to cherish while they lost. Therefore, let us to remind each others, unite together, respect each other and protect the Earth (our home). Let us take more respect on Human Right and attention on Engineering Safety.