Leave Global Warming to The Future Generations

Henna Warman/Student/Queens College

How green are you?

Huh, what was that you said? Ask the snotty toddler in the high chair?

Can't say I've never heard that one before. Actually, from nearly 70% of the nation who agree that today's typical Americans' lifestyle is not sustainable for future generations.

As for addressing the issue...let snotty-high-chair-baby deal with it. After all, it'll be his problem.

Despite the current green hype, numbers show that Americans are fairly apathetic to the dangers of an over-polluted environment and many are comfortable with embracing a leave-it-up-to-the-grandchildren approach to tackling polluters.

In fact, compared to the average foreigner, America cares less about the environment and regard concerns as over exaggerated.

Those recycling extremists and energy efficient fanatics. Yes, can't say I've never heard of them either.

Global warming and water pollution? Give it two decades.

How green-minded are you? Or is that a premeditated question for future generations?