Mother, What is my name ?

Charles Lee/President/Tainan Environment Protection Union, Taiwan

"Mother, what is my name?" wailed an orphan.

Taiwan- an orphan in the world is crying, in search of its identity.

Did you know that Taiwan 's earliest "country name" was? It used to be called

" Dutch East India Company " Although it only ruled Taiwan for a brief period of thirty-eight years, it was the first government in Taiwan with system. Some three hundred years later, Taiwan still hasn't found its name. Some call it "East Asian Relationship Association " others call it " Far East Trade Center ," "T.P.K.M. Taiwan Penghu Kinmen Mazu." for World Trade Organization ( W.T.O.) . Some even call it " Taipei , China " or "Chinese Taipei." ( sounds like the offspring of dogs ). Taiwan is not allowed to sing our anthem or raise our National flag when we get championship in the Olympic Games, our latest name becomes Taipei World Trade Center when we attended the Expo 2010 in Shanghai , China .

This orphan remained nameless until one day, over the radio , it heard a song called "The mother's name is Taiwan " by Zen-Nan Tsai. This orphan then happily hummed and sang the song, lest its name be forgotten again.

Do you have the experience being blocked in the airport overnight ? Yes, it happened to me once at Bangkok international airport, I was travelling to Europe via Bangkok and unfortunately the airplane delayed overnight, all the passengers were invited to stay at the transit hotel except me because my passport of the Republic of China was not recognized by Thailand government. According to the international regulation all the passengers can enjoy the 72 hour free transit visa if they hold the valid and recognized passport. This happened to an Taiwanese retired soldier in Hong Kong too while he was travelling to China via Hong Kong ( before 1997 ), he was blocked in the Hong Kong International airport because he has no visa to enter Hong Kong while the airplane delayed, next morning he was found with a frozen dead body .

Chinese custom office announced recently that all the exported goods from Taiwan to China are not allowed to show “ Made in Taiwan “ in the shipping mark but only “ Made in Taiwan, China “ or it will be rejected.

The poor orphan was again silent, falling into the depths of sadness caused by not knowing where it belongs. What is my name ?

Charles Lee

President – Tainan Environment Protection Union , Taiwan

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