Respect and Power

Kim Bui/student/De Anza College

In my point of view, human rights can relate to the law.  You respect yourself then the others will respect you.  Don’t whine to others and don’t beg people.  Doing so degrades yourself, whining and begging shows your weak side to people.  It shows that you can’t work for the certain item.  In addition, when people respect you, it’s easier to get their support.  Getting people to give you continuous support also requires you to apply yourself.  Be a great listener.  All great listeners are magnetic and charismatic.  There’s no charm that equals that of a good listener.  Here is an experience I had in an OTI office with a counselor.  She is true listening embodies, careful attention, patience, and honestly wanting to understand what I am saying.  I respect her because she fosters me a good relationship.