Uphold Human Rights and let Peace Reign all over the World

Bashiruddin A. Ajihil/Vice President/University of Zamboanga, Zamboanga City, Philippines

The essence of one’s existence is the unhampered and unquestioned observance, practice and respect of his rights. Only in this condition shall he be genuinely and truly dignified and inspired. The transgression of his rights impedes his growth, alters and stymied his thinking and seriously bleaks his future. On the other hand, his continued enjoyment of his rights enables him to explore the vastness of his existence and be able to constructively contribute to the building of a just, humane, productive and progressive society. From the religious perspective man is endowed with the breath of life preciously emanating from his creator. As such, nothing is short of his being sanctified and purified for his earthly mission to live meaningfully and peacefully with the rest of the creations of God and be accorded the respect and dignity as it must be for harmonious co-existence. 

The phenomenal and atrocious disregard for human rights in some parts of the world especially in war-torn countries with unstable political condition has to a great extent made as an excuse to perpetuate people in power. While, others would simply inflict harm and pain to innocent and hapless victims because it is indispensable for survival. The issue of senseless killing and deprivation of life, liberty and property elicit irreparable emotional trauma and tremendous damage to the family and the whole society. The fear that would strike on the citizenry brought about by this wanton disregard to the sacrosanct of life is debilitating if not overwhelmingly devastating.

The quest for tangible and lasting peace amidst us is quintessential. More than ever the need for harmony and understanding amongst global citizens is imperative. Peace is the lamp that will illuminate the world for progress and development. Peace is the beacon of aspiration and the citadel of faith and ultimately the panacea of the entire world’s maladies and woes. Peace building therefore is inevitable to establish a society with the sense and promise of security, stability, progress and innovations. With peace as a vital concoction for economic growth to win the confidence of investors, the employment and labour will be forces to reckon with in the growth of the market to increase productivity leading to economic boom.

The embodiment of the society is reflected in the faces and soul of its inhabitants. A society devoid of the promotion of the general welfare of the people and the protection and respect for their rights is a society rotten by greed and intolerance manifested in the people’s anguish and torment wailing for salvation and freedom. The selfish and insensitivity of the government to the cry of the people of their sufferings brought about by the violation of their sacred human rights by lawless elements of society is antagonizing the peaceful conduct of the societal order. Needless to say, the government must with its avowed determination protect and safeguard its citizenry from senseless destruction of human lives and must do all means possible to eliminate all the hindrances to the establishment of peace and order.  

The call for peace and respect for human rights is of great necessity and urgency and must therefore reverberate the world over. The people of the world must take the responsibility and initiates actions in whatever measure and capacity to cultivate the culture of peace and respect for human dignity and honour. The legacy of this generation must resolve to perpetuate world peace and harmony. The universal adherence to this much needed and wanted resolution will ultimately make our world a better place to live not only for us but for the subsequent generations to come.  Above anything else, we implore the aid of the divine providence to foster peace and harmony in our hearts so it will permeate throughout the world to conquer hatred, bias and prejudices and eventually eliminate discord. PEACE BE UPON US ALL.