Protect Environment

City Montessori School / MASOOM ZEHRA

 Our environment consists of air, water, soil, trees, sun, moon, stars, mountains and many other things which are important for us. “Environment plays a great role in life on the earth”.

 Like air which helps us to breathe, water which quenches our thirst, soil which gives us crops and food, trees which give us oxygen, sun which provides us with heat and light, moon which gives us light. There are many more things in our environment which gives us something which is useful like animals which give us meat. Some animals like sheep are very useful for us as sheep provides us with wool. Cow gives us milk etc. Environment gave us everything but what are we human beings giving back to the environment is pollution.
 Major affects which harms our environment are:-

 Deforestation: cutting of forests due to any purpose is called deforestation. Main reason for deforestation is increase in population. As the population is increasing, man’s needs are increasing too. They want more space to live, forests are cut. They want more water to drink, forests are cut. They want more food, forests are cut for fields. People are destroying the soil by using fertilizers for more crops. This results in destruction of the soil as that place cannot grow any more crops. So they cut more forests. As the forests are cut, the wild animals are also decreasing. Some are left so less that they can be finished too.

 Global warming: the main cause of global warming is air pollution. The people are polluting the air which is very harmful. Increasing factories produce gases which mix with the atmosphere. When we breathe we inhale those gases which cause diseases like asthma and lung cancer.

 Destructing ozone layer: ozone layer or O3 is the layer around the earth which helps the earth to protect itself from ultra violet rays of the sun. as due to air pollution O3 is getting thinner and thinner and the holes are increasing in it, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are coming to the earth which is very harmful. In south pole, north pole, glaciers are melting which cause harm to wildlife of that area. It can also cause many other problems.

 We can decrease deforestation by not using excess fertilizers as it destroys the soil not wasting water as for water more place is required to dig wells, and do boaring. Don’t waste paper as it is made with wood of trees. By planting trees we can prevent global warming. By not doing air pollution. Factories should not pollute the air. We can protect ozone layer by controlling air pollution.