Reduce Nuclear Weapons

City Montessori School / Manan Agarwal

 Anger, jealousy and frustration enslave all of us. Their culmination at an individual level results in fighting and ends in war, in case it is at the level of nations, the end results in a mighty and much more destructive war. Wars have been fought since ancient times. In the olden days, the reasons of one city attacking the other or one empire invading other was just wealth and land and to increase their empire’s boundary. There is too much use of nuclear weapons as it is stronger and much more effective (as far as destruction is considered) than those old age weapons.

 But they don’t know how effective (in the protecting environment) they are. The dominant effects of a nuclear weapon where people are likely to be affected (blast and thermal radiation) are identical physical damage mechanisms to conventional explosives. However the energy produced by a nuclear explosive is millions of times more powerful per gram and the temperatures reached are briefly in the tens of millions of degrees. A very good example of this is the bomb dropped by USA on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

 Instead of using nuclear energy in weapons we can use it in various ways. Commercial and utility plants currently use nuclear fission reactions to heat water to produce steam, which is then used to generate electricity. In 2009, 13-14% of the world's electricity came from nuclear power. Also, more than 150 naval vessels using nuclear propulsion have been built. Three nuclear powered ships, nuclear cruisers USS Bainbridge and USS Long Beach with USS Enterprise the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier in 1964. Crew members are spelling out Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc² on the flight deck.

 As of 2005, nuclear power provided 6.3% of the world's energy and 15% of the world's electricity, with the U.S. ,France, and Japan together accounting for 56.5% of nuclear generated electricity. In 2007, the IAEA reported there were 439 nuclear power reactors in operation in the world, operating in 31 countries. 

 Even there are people conscious about reduction of nuclear weapons and are taking steps towards it. As was done by Mr. Barack Obama, the US president. Barack Obama pledged on Friday to reduce both the number and the role of nuclear weapons as he recommitted himself to the abolition of the ultra-destructive arms. Obama was marking the 40th anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which he said remained the cornerstone of international efforts to stop the spread of the weapons. "Our forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review will move beyond outdated Cold War thinking and reduce the number and role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy, even as we maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent," Obama said in a statement.  

 Well I think as it is done by the president of the most powerful country of the world it shall be followed by many. I think that the people are thinking about it. And within years the world shall be freed of nuclear weapons.