City Montessori School / ANUSHKA SRIVASTAVA

 The human rights day is observed on 10 Dec. This is a very significant topic because as the world is changing and becoming advanced, each and every individual should be aware of his or her rights as well as duties. Basically, human rights means the rights which belong to all the people, such as freedom to all the necessary aspects of life such as food, shelter, education, justice and many more.

 Promoting human rights and awareness among the common man is an important task which has now a days taken a back seat. All have to Endeavour to promote human rights and certainly fight for their rights and authority to live their life as the well recognized citizens of the nation and to a great extent, the world.

 We have noticed that those who are poor or illiterate do not know their duties, their common rights. At this situation all need the right to education which is the foremost thing, essential for every person so that, he can fight for his rights and perform his duties as required. A very important aspect of human rights is justice. It is said that justice is same to all human beings. But now a days justice is bought by a handful of money. The rich use their power in wrong means that leads to corruption. Just by bribing people few selfish ones snatch the human rights of a needy person. It is said, human rights are equal to all- rich, poor, young and old, so on. Then why this discrimination? People should stop all of these bad activities.

 Another important human right is education. Every one has the right to study. Disadvantages of illiteracy are :-
1. Illiterate people do not know their rights and duties.
2. They are not aware of the social problems as well as their cause etc.

 So due to these problems people are not able to overcome these problems and their causes too. So, to promote an important human right – education, the govt. should build schools in every city and town, even in the poor villages. So that an important issue of illiteracy can be overcome and people know more about their HUMAN RIGHTS.