Protect Environment

City Montessori School / Garima Mishra

 Environment is the nature world in which human beings, animals and plants live. Some scientist defines Environment as “everything that is not me”. All living and non-living things along with their interaction makes up the Environment.                         

 We should protect our Environment because it fulfills our basic needs like foods clothes and shelter. Environment interdepends on us and we also depend on it. Animal depend on plants in many ways like – for food, for maintaining oxygen and carbon dioxide as balancing in nature, for shelter and for protection of soil. Human beings depend on plants in many ways like – for food materials {cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, sugar, fats, oils, spices, tea and coffees}, for fibers {cotton, jute, etc.}, for medicinal plants {tulsi, cinchona, etc.}, for timber {teak, shisham, walnut,}. Human beings depend on animals in many ways like – for providing foods {meat, egg, milk, honey, etc.}, for providing materials of clothes {wool, silk, etc}, medicines, transportation and agriculture. Dependence of plants and animals like – Pollination, dispersal of seeds, raw material of food and insectivores plants.                       

 Environment gives us so many things that it fulfills our needed. We should protect our Environment because it constitutes the external conditions and circumstances that affect living beings. It keeps on changing as we move from one place to another. The exploitation of the Environment threatens all life forms today. The main cause of imbalance in Environment is overpopulation. Man utilizes natural resources and modifies the Environment to make his life comfortable     like – Air, water, soil and forest. Living organisms reacts with their Environment and bear the full impression of the Environment in which they grow. Environment depends on a number of factors like – temperature, humidity, rainfall, rain, winds, etc.                                 

 Forests are a treasure house of a variety of plants and animals are not beneficial for us but are also essential for Environmental balance. Forest are be threatened by human activities. Widespread deforestation has endangered many rare animals and plants. Deforestation has also caused extensive soil erosion and has resulted in erratic rainfall pattern in many regions of the world.                     

In the last I would conclude that we should protect our Environment. I also wanted to tell that how we can protect our
Environment –

‧Recycle products like paper, plastic, glass, metals, etc. Thus the need for “new” raw materials can be reduced. Except paper all the other substances are non biodegradable and are dangerous for Environmental balance.

‧Say NO to plastic bags. They are non biodegradable. Stray animals consume them while scavenging for food and die. Plastic bags block drain and are a nuisance. Cloth or paper bags can be used instead. They are biodegradable.

‧Conserve all natural resources. We should not overuse or misuse fossil fuels, minerals, soil, water, air and even energy, especially electricity. The dangers of wasting these are very obvious.

‧Prevent and control all forms of pollution.

‧Plant more trees and save our forests and wildlife.

‧Domestic waste can be composted.

‧Farmers should use organic fertilizers and pesticides instead of chemical ones because these cause have in nature.

‧Most important, we must gain and spread awareness of the threats human activities put upon the Environment.