Protect Environment

City Montessori School / Ankur Verma

 Environment is the word used to describe the surroundings. It is composed of biotic i.e. living components and a biotic i.e. non-living components of this universe. Our planet Earth’s environment is said to be a precious gift to we homo-sapiens and all creatures. It gets a sufficient amount of heat from the sun and the earth is said to be the blue planet as the hydrosphere i.e. the layer of water covers about 75% of the total earth surface. It also contains sufficient amount of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide which are very essential. Forests provide a green blanket to the surface of the earth and have become a big place of habitat which plays an important role in the eco-system.

 Now a days due to increase in pollution these environmental resources are getting declined day by day. Growth of population also leads to scanty of resources. Animals and plants play a major role in balancing the environment which are being extinct due to need of population.
We have to take some measures to save and protect our environment and resources for further generations. Pollution, deforestation and hunting of animals have to be banned. The increasing pollution in the atmosphere should come to an end. There is a need to protect our environment for which government and every individual should realize his or her duties to save this beautiful planet. Excessive use of patrol and diesels should be stopped whereas CNG should be used. The ozone layer of earth is becoming thinner day by day due to hydrochlourofluorocarbons that come out from refrigerators and hairdryers. So we should use these commodities as less as possible and also prevent burning and excessive use of machines which release carbon-dioxide because it is also a big reason for shortness in the ozone layer. Less use of carbon-dioxide also prevents the global warming or the green house effect.

 Water is a worthless gift of nature so it needs to be preserved. It should not be wasted. Animals and plants constitute the main part of the environment so they should be preserved. Thought less cutting of trees in abundance should be banned and now for protecting animals, government has opened many wild life sanctuaries. These are the steps we should be followed by every human being of the society.

 Have we ever thought how we will feed the generation next to us if we are only responsible for the shortage? So being a responsible citizen of this country we should save our environment and nature. Natural environment must be given more importance than social or man-made environment. Environment constitutes the main and life giving sources of nature which should be not wasted. Incidents like Bhopal Gas tragedy are a great threat to the environment which is not to be repeated. Our environment is making a frown face and crying in danger. So please receive my humble request-
“Save Environment
Save Ourselves”