Protect Environment

City Montessori School / Aman Agarwal

 “It is paradoxical that the man who needs the healthy environment most, is destroying its healthy environment most, is destroying its sanctity and purity for present monetary gains and endanger its own coming generation.”

 A lot of research has done during the suitable linkage between economic activities and the environment and a need for new  technologies has felt in order to save the environment because of the rapid industrial growth the most precious heritage of mankind, the natural environment is in danger. It is necessary to save the mankind from revenge of nature. U.S.A. and Europe want the other developing countries like Indian and China, should act as per the accord signed at Kyoto  but India and China have their own as in this countries industrialization has just begun, while develop countries who are actually responsible for global warming must act fast to have some remedial measures. The present concern for preservation and conservation of environment arises from the hazardous impact on the environment due to human actions. Human demands are increasing day by day, with the growth of population and modernization and to meet with such increased demands the resources are limited.

 Reckless and regular  exploitation of natural resources is causing serious impact on the purity of environment. The spread of many diseases like Dengue, Malaria, viral fever like endemic, soil erosion, floods, droughts, earthquake, urban congestion and threat of extinction many species of plants birds, and animals are the visible impact of environmental pollution. It is paradoxical that the man who needs the environment is destroying  its sanctity and purity for present monetary gains and endangers its own coming generation. Indiscriminate and unplanned   effected the environment to a great extent. The indiscriminate mining in forest has ruined many surroundings forests in Alwar, Makrana, Kishangarh, Rajsamadh areas of Rajasthan Dehradun in U.P. and several other places which has distributed the natural eco balance seriously.

 International Conference on environment education was held in New delhi and emphasized the need for a massive program of environmental education, research, monitoring and protection. The Central Government had made the environmental audit compulsory. In our country the Supreme court has  played very crucial role in preserving the pollution in the cities and preserving the forest .the various decisions has forced the government to stop mining in forest areas . The supreme court has forced the government to adopt strict vehicular emission norms in the principle metropolitan cities. The apex court has also insisted on the use of preferred technologies and fuels such as CNG for buses and autos . it is good news  that the government has given green signal for the development of hydrogen fuelled vehicles that have zero pollution capabilities. .A high power committee has been established to draw up blueprint for developing hydrogen as an alternative In India. The focus on present day policies is used to emission free technologies to be useful in preserving and conserving the precious natural environment.

 Though the government is quite serious to protect the environment yet it is the duty of every industrialist, every citizen to understand well the necessity of preserving the nature and purity of environment not only for ourselves but also for the coming generation. It is the government from where we get the basic requirements water for our existence, and we are bent upon to pollute them , is not like hitting our own head! we should make our mind and pledge to gift a clean and pollution free environment to our precious coming  generation.