Human Right and Playground

Faria A+ Elementary School, student, R.O.C / Aaron Kuo

Human rights begin with respect.   On the playground, kids should respect the rules of playground, the rights of others, and the environment.   Kids should respect the playground rules first.  Taking turns riding on the slide or swings allows everyone a chance to play.  Kids shouldn’t save spots for their friends because it is not fair to others.  Respect the rules of the playground so all kids can play.

Next, kids on the playground have to respects other kids.  Teasing or threatening other kids is called bullying.  Bullying hurts other kid’s feeling.  Hurting or pushing other kids might injure other kids.  Respect other kids so that other kids want to play with you.

Finally, kids should respect the playground.  Litter on the playground makes the playground a mess and unsafe to play.  Take care of the environment such as the flowers, grass, and trees so the playground stays nice.  If there is no nice playground, kids will not have any place to play.  Kids should respect the rules, respect others, and respect the environment on the playground.