Parents should pay more attention to family education

Gram English Center English Teacher / Celestie Wu

  I am an English teacher of a cram school and also teach at a junior high school. As I once was a student, it’s not difficult to notice that there are lots of differences between children in the past and children nowadays. They have much more opportunities to learn and much better learning environments.

But sadly I seldom see a thankful heart that appreciates for all of these. Most of them take it for granted and don’t cherish it because everything seems to be easy. It’s easy to go to school because if we don’t have money the government will support us. It’s easy to study in a senior high and a college because of the surprisingly high enrolment rate. It doesn’t matter if we don’t do well on scholastic tests; there is always a school for us. Children even go to senior high and college without taking the exam in the future!

However, they still have to learn more than the children in the old time. Some say children have lots of pressure now. But I don’t see where the pressure is when they don’t even know why they have to learn so many things. They do everything because grownups tell them to do so, expecting their children to have a brighter future. Even though parents always want their children to succeed, how can a person be competitive when he learns things without a purpose?

As a teacher, I always have a feeling when I request students to be quiet, to concentrate on class or even to do their homework. That is, I am begging them. They always show unwillingness on their face and think I am annoying. But actually I don’t have to do this. If I am upset or angry, that means I do care about students. Some TV news show teachers punish students improperly and teachers are blamed all the time. I would like parents to know their own children well before making a judgment. I know many teachers and most of them are really tired.

I still love children, but I don’t think the duty of educating them falls on us completely. Family education is more important. It reflects parents’ self cultivation.

Parents should pay more attention to their family education and then we can see the bright side of our education.