About Human Rights –

Speech by H.E. Cesar Ariel Oviedo VerDun

Cesar Ariel Oviedo VerDun, President of Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Paraguay, Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Paraguay, Paraguay /

This gathering forces us to think about various aspects that makes Humanity. However, in our opinion all of them points towards to an essential aspect, which is human dignity.

Dignity is the foundation itself, of the rights of every human being.  Its essentials are all rights such as life, liberty, justice, overcoming, the enjoyment of everything that nature provides, and I highlight the one of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. Therefore we affirm that dignity is an end in itself.

It is a pleasure for me that the constitution of my country can be seen for human dignity. Thus, our Constitution in its preamble recognizes “human dignity in order to secure freedom, equality and justice”.

In the same way I am pleased for so many provisions arising from international conventions and laws from all over the countries of the world, recognizing practically every human right. I understand that there is already knowledge of every fundamental aspect of human rights. Undoubtedly, it should fill up our hearts of complete satisfaction.

However, we have one single question. Do we do our duty...? Do we...?

Unfortunately the ONLY ANSWER IS: NO!

And this is what motivates us to think about it. Human dignity is constantly violated by humans. We keep discriminating because of many different reasons such as: race, color, sex, language, religion, political views, property, birth or other status. In other words: We get discriminated or discriminate for everything. 

We affirmed that there is knowledge of each and every aspect of the human rights that makes a human being. But from another perspective, we assert that practically all human rights are violated constantly, in different parts of the world, and in different ways. Armed conflict or social are daily news.

This motivates ask: How much have we achieve? Or rather, have we achieved any?

I have the honor and responsibility being the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Paraguay, even more for being the youngest president of it.  Such as the youngest of today my duty is to struggle to do the most of the tools that we have. We are the youth who must take full responsibility of the current tools to make a better world, under the wise guidance of the elders.

We cannot keep allowing thousands of starving children every day; thousands of people dying because of the wars or otherwise and we mean every single day that goes by, hour by hour and minute by minute.

We cannot allow discrimination and persecutions because political views, racial, gender, age. We must fight for equality, especially for equal opportunities.

We cannot allow millions of people without access to education, health, food, housing, water and many others things.

This is the challenge I propose as a YOUNG to the YOUTH. This is a battle for human dignity, we cannot lose.

Thank you very much.