Perspective of Good Laws in Operation

Charles Mercieca, Ph.D., President, International Association of Educators
for World Peace, USA

        Ni hao ma? Thanks for asking me to write an article on one of the topics: Respect, Law, Tax, Environment. I decided to furnish you with an article on the second topic because there seems to be many in the governments of some nations, that need to learn about the essence of good laws.

        Hence, I am providing you with this article here below and attached entitled: Perspective of Good Laws in Operation, which you said will be printed in a book in both English and Chinese. I always had a deep respect for FOWPAL and Tai Ji Men.

        If there is anything that you may wish me to do, please let me know. I would be glad if you were to let me have a copy of this book when printed in both English and Chinese. I will then write an article about it and send it to hundreds on my mailing list around the world. Xjexje. Zhaijien.