Global Endorsement of Declaration of World Citizens 世界公民宣言 全球網路連署



Global Endorsement of Declaration of World Citizens & the Movement of An Era of Conscience

Number of Endorsement: 260529

Nationality: 151   (List)

AWCDeclaration of World Citizens

Everyone is a world citizen endowed with natural rights and
duties to advance peace and love.
The awakening of world citizenship will pave the way to
global sustainability.
Therefore, world citizens are urged to:

World citizens imbued with endless energy
Willing to take action at this critical time to achieve great progress


ANEOCDeclaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience

Everyone is the leader of his/her conscience. Conscience transcends the differences between ethnicities, nationalities and religious beliefs.You and I can protect the conscience in our heart, and together we can create an era of love and peace.

In the face of the escalating geopolitical tensions and deteriorating living environments,
human being's survival is subjected to mounting challenges.
Therefore, it is imperative to promote the movement of An Era of Conscience to bring together the consciences deeply-rooted
in people's hearts to enhance the awareness of global solidarity and to usher in sustainability.

Therefore, it is resolved that An Era of Conscience is the key to sustainable future. World leaders are expected to cooperate along the line of conscience to strengthen the partnerships to protect the earth, enhance collective welfare for humanity and create a world of peace for all. The golden opportunity to inspire the conscience in everyone's heart is with us in 2014. Now is the time to utilize energies of kindness and conscience to pave the way to sustainability. We all play a role in leading people to work jointly to counter the sufferings of all living creatures. Let's plow the seeds of goodness to create the virtuous cycle by entering into the era of conscience.

Association of World Citizens, NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC and Associated with the UN DPI ‧ Federation of World Peace and Love ‧ Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy

Global Launch on August 17, 2014


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