Environmental Protection

Julian Shen/Mission San Jose High School

The environment is an extremely important part of our daily lives.  Although it may not seem like such an important component of our everyday lives, the environment is actually essential to us and is the reason why we exist.  Without the environment, we would be nothing; all creatures on earth would have no place to live and that would lead to devastation of the human population.  We would have no food, shelter, and the essentials of life.  Consider this: if we lived in an area with a poor environment, such as a place where it was just barren with only a few trees that were starting to wither, then we would not have the tools that would provide us essentials like oxygen.  This would be extremely bad for us and would probably cause a mass extinction of Homo sapiens, showing the important role the environment plays in our society. 

Since the environment is so important to us, we have to learn to protect it and take care of it.  Environment protection can be done in many ways and is a must to keep order in our society.  Many things can be done to improve our environment.  For example, people can plant trees in their gardens to improve our situation now, as many trees are being cut down to make homes and serve the population.  We can also pull out weeds to ensure the plants can grow and prosper.  We can also reduce the burning of fossil fuels so that less carbon dioxide will go into the atmosphere.  This will improve our situation of global warming and will help our world to become much greener.  People around the world can also help the environment by recycling materials and buying recycled products, such as binder paper and bags.  Another thing is that people can stop using plastic bags and start using paper bags, so that we have more wastes that can be recycles instead of just going to waste and harming our environment.  Children can also help our environment by learning about reusable and recyclable goods so that they can contribute to our society sooner.  People can also start reusing products, such as using personalized thermos bottles, and use less of everything.  There are so many ways to stop our environment from getting worse.

The most important thing to remember is that it only takes one person to do something helpful to start improving our environment.  Although at the time when you are doing the action, you may feel it is a waste and no one else cares about the world.  Well, you are wrong!  It only takes one person to start it.  Every good act adds up, just as every penny does in a child’s piggy bank.  As their individual act adds up to help our environment, they result in teamwork of the whole community.  Teamwork is essential to make it all happen; it is important to make the community a better place as a whole.  Despite the fact that teamwork is extremely important, it is still up to the individual acts to make it “teamwork.”  One act makes all the difference and it is up to the citizens to learn about how important environmental protection is and understand that they can make a difference in the world too.  The earlier people understand how important the environment is, the better and the bigger our “team” will grow as a whole.  Protection of the environment comes in so many different ways, and it is up to you to make a difference and improvement in the environment.