Children Educatin Right in Chuuk, Federal States of Micronesia

Martin K. Carl/Principal/Xavior High School

The topics concerning human rights and protecting the environment for sustainable future are very close to our hearts. Xavier High School is located on the small island of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. Chuuk State in terms of economic sustainability is the worst lot among the four states of the federation. The infrastructures of Chuuk are in bad shape (broken roads, perennial electric/power brown/black outs, water and sewage problems, etc.). Unemployment rate is high (the government is not creating jobs for the youths). The public school system is collapsing (rundowns school buildings, unqualified personnel, lack of teaching resources, absenteeism and attrition problems, etc.). The public safety is not reliable and no one trusts law enforcers (much corruptions in the government).

The state of affairs in Chuuk is bleak and only "miracles" can change the situation. However, I am not so hopeless and pessimistic in my view about the current situation in Chuuk. I am hopeful that through education things can slowly become better.

Protecting human rights is a concern of the international community. Locally, I observe that children rights are not protected in Chuuk. Children are not given adequate and better education. All children have the rights to better education. There is education in Chuuk, but many students don't get the "Better Education". For example, students show up in school, but there are not teachers, or students attend classes only for half days from 9-11 am (no afternoon classes). The classrooms are overcrowded and school buildings are not suitable for learning environment. I don't think this is protecting human rights, especially the rights of children.

We can only have sustainable future if our children get better education. Resources should be allocated in the schools to improve the dilapidated conditions of the public education. Programs such as teaching certification and continuing education for teachers should be enforced and monitored. This is the only way we can have a sustainable future in Chuuk and to protect the rights of children.