Passionate Educator

Nany Ho/Student/Mt. Sac

What makes a distinguished educator? A remarkable and excellent educator is one a student remembers and cherishes forever. He/she also has a long-lasting impact and inspires students to achieve success. The best educator I have ever had was a history professor. She was all the more exceptional because history is the one subject I hated the most. I met Professor Ashley when I first attended community college. Her passion for teaching, true compassion for others, and patience with students influenced my perspective of living.

Professor Ashley knew a passionate educator illustrates commitment to active learning by showing, not just reading from the text book. Her passion for teaching created a bond between herself and the students. For instance, there was a lesson on different cultures and how they celebrated their holidays through their unique customs. She came dressed as an Indian woman and some classmates also dressed up in their native attire. Another example of her passion for teaching was demonstrated when we went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles . We saw an exhibition on pre-Hispanic Mexican masks and how they were used by priests to summon the power of deities. She wanted the students to have tangible experiences that would be engraved in their minds.

Mrs. Ashley always showed endless compassion to her students. She completely understood how I felt when I had difficulty with my assignments. I remember when I had to go in front of the class to read a chapter summary. I was so nervous and could not pronounce some of the vocabulary correctly; she helped me with the pronunciation and made me feel relaxed. She made sure no one felt embarrassed in the classroom. In addition, one of the classmates had to miss class for two weeks because her work required her to travel out of state. The professor allowed the classmate to complete the assignments through emails. Also, Mrs. Ashley gave the classmate one extra week to turn in her late work without lowering her grade. These actions express how she supported each student's individual needs.

Finally, Mrs. Ashley recognized that being a professor required a lot of patience. She treated the students like a friend and highly respected each one of them. There were many occasions when a few students forgot to turn off their cell phones. She patiently reminded them to keep the cell phone off. Furthermore, there was a chapter on laws of America . I did not understand the way it was written because it was confusing and complicating. Mrs. Ashley recognized that I am a foreigner, and I was not able to comprehend the actual facts of American laws. She asked me to stay after class so she could slowly explain the laws and the assignments. Her patience and dedication helped me to enjoy history.

There are many characteristics that make a successful educator. Being a remarkable and successful professor is not an easy task. A talented professor has the ability to reveal the depths of each student's educational journey. Professor Ashley prepared me to apply my passion, compassion, and patience not only at work but also with the people around me, my family and friends.