Environmental Protection

Ethan Chang/student/Mission San Jose High School

An occasion that sticks in my memory where I have encountered an instance of environmental protection was when my family, which was already very efficient and did not waste anything cut back on our use of resources future. It was when the government announced that there was an energy crisis in the USA that we were going to have trouble obtaining oil, which would affect all types of energy production. Upon hearing this news, my parents reused everything. We used the water from washing vegetables to water the garden carpooled a lot more often, and used the lights as little as possible.

Another instance was when I helped renovate the planters at school by planting more plants after cleaning out the trash and replacing most of the soil. This not only made the school look much better, it also cleared the trash from the surrounding environment. I have done three such projects, one involving planting trees all over a elementary school and planting a whole new patch of grass where there used to be gravel. These small changes help to make our environment more kid friendly and cleaner. It also helps to remove some of the carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Every little bit helps, as every action come together to make the whole, and if no one lends a hand then it'll never get done.