Human Right

Carolynn Elliot/Fleetwood Park Secondary School


Artists through the ages and from all countries have pushed the views of a society, using their visual images to challenge and communicate a message for change. As an art educator, I welcome the opportunity to teach the foundations and skills necessary to make compelling images which in turn can become a vehicle for students to express their ideas. While developing imagery, methods and techniques, teachers can introduce ideas or themes which can be explored by students. A recent art assignment is an example of art providing an opportunity to dialogue and talk about equality and human rights. My class of high school students researched and developed ideas for a visual statement which would convey ideas unearthed through their process of developing images focused on the theme of “Equality” While learning about important issues students engaged in critical thinking to express their perspective on the information and thoughts provoked by their research. Art teachers can use themes about human rights to teach students ways to use the visual arts for a catalyst for change.