Crime and Punishment

Daisy Peng/hello/Yuan Ze

There was a horrible news gave Taiwan a jolt in 1997. A celebrity whose name is Bai - Bing Bing has lost her lovely daughter Bai - Shiau Yan. Chen had plead guilty and be executed finally. The sentence was five death penalties. This event not only brought a huge trepidation to feelings of Taiwanese citizenry but also is reflected a shame of Taiwan.

To look back this case, Chen was given five death penalties by the court.
How can a crime receive five death penalties? We could easily image how serious he did for this case. Death penalty is a highest punishment. In Taiwan’s society some people think this is an inappropriate punishment. Life is a miracle and most significant from God. In their mind, the government cannot give a death punishment even when the crime kills other. And the crime who had given this sentence may be will change in the future the government should give him or her a chance to be changed. Or even maybe they’re just innocent.

On the other hand, people who from the victim’s family think how we did in our life must be pay back. Everybody just be equal in this world. If a crime killed a person, then he or she must be given a death punishment, then this world could be equal.

                However, no matter how the court gives the sentence. It is not depends on how the law restraint people, it’s depends on how a person had been educated and how they’re environment is. Chen had given five death penalties, but this may never recover Bai - Bing Bing’s br