Jessie’s Story


One night I was sleeping on my bed and I dreamed a scary dream about ghosts. In my dream, I was eating dinner by myself,

when I suddenly saw ghosts moving from side to side. I was very scared. I closed my eyes

 but I heard the ghosts say “Don’t close your eyes. If you close your eyes we will catch you”.

I quickly opened my eyes and again I saw the ghosts moving from side to side. I thought that I must be brave and ask the ghosts what they want.

 “Why are you here?” I asked.

The ghosts said “We are here because you are by yourself. We were worried that you might be scared by yourself,

 so we came to play with you. Can we play with you?” the ghosts asked.

“Yes you can, but are you good or bad?” I asked.

“We are good” said the ghosts.

Then the door bell rang and the ghosts disappeared. It was my mom. She asked me
what I was doing before she came home.

I told her that I was playing with some ghosts. “Is your brain broken?” she asked.

“No. Really I was playing with ghosts” I said.

She told me that it was time to go to bed. I wasn’t tired, but I didn’t want her to get      g angry, so I went to bed. Do you like my scary story?