A Christmas Carol

Kevin/Student/Sunshine American School

I read a book is about a man named Scrooge. Scrooge is a mean and greedy man with no friends. One night, he meets a ghost, this ghost tells him

that he is going to meet three other spirits. The first spirit takes Scrooge back to his childhood. The second spirit, the ghost of Christmas present, shows

Scrooge how his clerk, Bob and his family, feel thankful because Scrooge gives him a job although with only a little money. The last spirit is a hooded

phantom, he brings Scrooge to the future. He also shows Scrooge a gravestone with his name on it. Scrooge is very scared because he doesn’t want to die

alone, so he begins to change. In the end, he becomes a nice, friendly and happy old man and everyone likes him.

          This is a really good book because it tells people to be nice to everyone in your life. You never know when you will need help, but once you need

to be helped, people would try their best to help you. We need friends in our life to share our laughs and joys and that’s why we need to try to be friendly to

each other. Scrooge was a mean and gruesome man, but after he meets three spirits, he finds out how important friends are. From this point, I believe to be

friendly is my future goal.