Global Warming

Liu YuLung/Student/Fudan High School

Global Warming has become an important issue that everyone has to pay more attention to. Global Warming would become more serious if we continue to ignore such problems. The earth temperature will increase and ice in the world will start to melt, and it will cause sea level to get higher and higher. At last, no one could survive in the world because of hot weather and nothing to eat. In this case, some people decided to film a movie called “ plus mines two degrees”, it means if the world temperature increases two degrees, saving world would become a very difficult thing to do, a lot of plants will die and finally humans will be extinct, too. Therefore, we couldn’t just save the world by others, we also need to save the world by ourselves, or else the world will become worse.

First, we should turn off lights if we leave the room to save more electricity. Second, we should take more public transportation, because when we are driving cars or motorcycles, we are exhausting carbon dioxide. It will cause greenhouse effect to get worse. Of course, we can also plant more trees, too. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide and exhaust oxygen, which is called photosynthesis. Actually, we do not have to wait for the government to decide what to do; we can do it by ourselves first. Therefore, my school decided to broadcast the movie to let all the students know the order of severity. After that, my classmates started to worry about the earth. They decided to turn off some lights when it is during the day. Our school decided to let the students be a vegetarian once a week, because eating meat can cause global warming to get worse, too. At first look, I didn’t believe it, but apparently I was wrong. It really causes global warming; therefore, I become a member of them, too.

Because of this movie, all of us finally know that the earth is in danger, or else we’ll continue our same life as before, such as eating meat, using electricity every day and so on. Although we can’t stop global warming from getting worse, we can make it slow down to make the earth become as happy as before.