An Ever Changing Street

Christabel Chien /Supervisor/Trading Business

There are always 20 stores on a shopping street nearby my house, one or two of them will soon be substituted by new open stores, even if they had been opened for just few months. However, what we should emphasize is the costs of not only the visible resource of the decoration materials, but also the waste of resource and pollution to the earth.

When I see clothing covered in front of a new store for decoration or re-construction, I know that all the passengers have to suffer from the difficulty of walking through this street; what is worse, the noisy of construction, piles of abandoned bricks, cement and boards which had used to be seriously picked and chosen for new decoration and business, are about to be loaded on trucks for abandon. That means, they were used to be properties, but all of a sudden, they become worthless. .

A question pops-up in my mind: “how many trees and energy had been consumed for these abandoned bricks, boards and cement? They should not have been dumped in such a short time!! I”

In fact, these splendid decorations really attract customers to come over and shop; however, when it comes to waste, the more stores opened for business, the more materials and resources will be wasted. At last, there are numberless resources and energy suddenly turned into garbage and will be simply packed in cartons for disposal.

Therefore, I sincerely appeal to our government to keep an eye on the waste of energy, do not simply emphasize the development of economy but also resolve the waste of resources. Only if we restrict ourselves to minimum consumption of energy, can we help protect the resources of earth from exhaustion.