World Hunger


It's hard to believe that there are still people in the world that die everyday from not having enough food to eat.  One of the basic human rights that everyone should have is being able to live.  But many children around the world can't even live till the day that they turn 5.  It is necessary for the people living on earth to help out and fight world hunger.  Every country on the planet should establish policies that can help out the poor who can't get sufficient amount of food to feed their families.  Statistic shows that there is enough food on earth to feed every human being, so it is possible for everyone on this planet not to die because of hunger. 

The governments around the world could try to make it mandatory for every industry to do its part.  For example, when there's an exceed supply of crops, all the companies from the related industries could help out.  Process and pack the food; transport the final products to the places that are needed; have the volunteers around the world to distribute the food...etc. 

Much of the resources in the world are wasted everyday.  It's imperative to build a system that is affordable, lasting and most importantly effective to end world hunger.