How Can We Do Something For The Society

Alan Cheng/Manger/Happy Pole Co., Ltd.,

I am a plain Taiwanese. I do not have any religious thinking in my mind but I often try to think about what happened to the world nowadays. Natural disasters, political and society chaos, infectious diseases, … seem to spread over the world more frequently.

In here I would like to share my humble thought to all of you by using my several decades living experience in the society or this global village. I always believe the root cause of “things” happening is selfishness of mankind.

Selfishness not only separates us from moral thinking to do more for the society but even harms the society. Nobody could say those big “things” were not related to selfishness of mankind.

Less selfish thinking enable people to do more for environmental protection, caring people and society.

However, to cut off the connection with selfishness of mankind is absolutely not easy which would be a life-long job for every member of this global village.
People must spend whole his life-time efforts to reduce the “connection” step by step because lots of obstacles keep happening inside of people’s heart and in the societies.

I hope we can always keep it in mind to reduce selfish thinking and try our best to mostly play a roll of giver. But we cannot look down on takers of societies. I believe they may really need assistance in certain period of time. We have to help takers to be independent enough and moreover to learn how to give.

As long as all people could become less and less selfish, I believe there is no end of the world. We all can approve 2012 is not the last year of the world but only a kind reminder to people.