Saving Our Planet

Kaylee Shiao/student/Monta Vista High School

Earth is our home, our planet. Ours to cherish and to love till deaths do us part. For many ages, it has supported life and it has provided everything necessary for life. Mother Earth has respected us, respected life, so in turn; we must respect her and work hard to keep her safe and healthy so she can sustain our lives for generations to come. We must try our hardest to conserve resources and energy instead of wasting them. They are the key to life after our generation has passed on. We must learn to appreciate and give back to our surrogate mother, Mother Earth.

The sundry ways to save our planet are simple yet effective. It is not useful to sit around and think about the abject horrors our future generations may face if we do not take action. Instead, we need to focus on our objective and do what we can to save Earth! As all the other “green” people say, turn off the lights when you leave a room! Try to conserve energy and save water by taking shorter showers or turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Although these suggestion are a bit cliché, they are effective, and there is a plethora of ideas to save our planet—all you have to do is find the one most suitable for you. Even planting a tree is a very helpful contribution to saving our planet and our environment.

Always keep in mind that you are a gigantic piece of the puzzle we call life, and never forget that Mother Earth is the one who put all the puzzle pieces together to create a masterpiece. We owe her, and we need to pay our respects to her. Every little contribution you make helps, whether it is turning off the lights or making sure you do not have a leaky faucet.

We have the power to save Mother Earth from getting sick and being unable to support life any longer. We have the power—let us use it! Each and every person can save a little piece of Mother Earth’s puzzle, if only we try our hardest and appreciate all that Mother Earth has done for us.