Human Rights

Lori Chen/student/Sierramont Middle School

According to Wikipedia, human rights are “rights to which all humans are entitled”. But what I’m seeing right now is that not everyone has equal rights. Dating back to when Emperors ruled China, the rights were unfair. In ancient China, a Chinese woman would have to listen to her father and other male family members no matter what. During the 1800’s, there was slavery in the US. Slaves could be bought and sold like toys; treated like useless trash. Then during the 1900’s, there was segregation. Colored people weren’t allowed to go into places that others could. They even had separate drinking fountains than the other people. Basically, you get my point. From ancient times to now, human rights were never perfect.

     I think our rights are being improved right now. After all, I really can’t believe only a few decades ago women weren’t allowed to vote. There’s still news about unfair laws. I remember in fifth grade my teacher told us that long ago in Texas, there was a rule that you weren’t allowed to peel oranges in a hotel. That was a very… INTERESTING law. No, actually it was dumb. Why would you be arrested for peeling an orange? But, I still believe that human rights are slowly improving. If we really want a change, we should all pitch in, not just sit on the couch thinking how bad our economy is and how the president isn’t doing anything, blah blah blah. You would be the one not doing anything at all. You may disagree with how I think, but this is my opinion!