Peace: How It Is and Its Blockages

Neildrey dlS. Alinsañgan/Student/AE Memorial Science High School

Peace, it is what we need or else we won’t live.  Do you remember the time when the world war was declared, many people lost their lives to defend their honour and country or the time when Adolf Hitler killed thousands of Jews?  This kind of cruelty is called racism. Racism is one of the blockages to peace. It is when you hate other races or nationality.  A person who does racism is called a racist.

Peace is a good thing, because if there is peace, then there is no war.  But there are a lot of people who object peace like people who trade blood for money.  There are plenty of blockages in peace like racism, greed, vengeance, and more.

Greed is a blockage to peace. It is when you have everything you want, you still want more, it is also the plague of our planet that scatters across the globe and it brings ruin and discord to our people.

Vengeance is when somebody did wrong to you and you want to do the same, however, that is not the answer to peace; instead leave everything else to God because He is the only one with the power to punish evil into this world. 

Not only have we needed peace but also Mother Nature.  All in our environment have emotions too like the animals, and we must be thankful to them as they provide us food to eat.  If all the animals are gone then people will fight for food, then there will be no peace in our minds, hearts, and even stomachs. Also thanks to her because we have all the natural resources that we can use in our daily lives.

Authorities like policeman, soldier, etc. must maintain peace and order throughout the place.  Thanks to these people, as the evil lurking around these places are punished and sent to their rightful places.

Poverty is sometimes a blockage to peace, because it is one of the roots of thievery, murder, kidnapping and more evil ways, therefore we must help the poor to lessen their suffering.

In closing, man must maintain peace and order throughout the globe to prevent war at all cause to humans or any other species of living things and when that happens we will all be happy in a warless or peaceful world; where evil had really been turned into dust once and for all.