Environment and love

Christine Lee/student/Lynbrook High School

One of the experiences and view I would like to talk about is the environment. From my perspective, I believe that we should use only the necessary amount of paper (in order to save trees), drive hybrid cars, and/or walk/bike/run to short distant places. By saving paper, it reduces the number of trees that we would have to kill. Trees are considered a big pan of nature, and the energy and food it provides for plants and animals. It would kill them off only because of now insincere we may be when it comes to taking an abundant number of paper.

    Driving hybrid cars are also another option. Hybrids are quite an expensive car to buy; however, hybrids are the sort of car saves energy, instead of polluting our earth. Only a few hybrid cars may be seen around, although, they definitely help decrease the statistic of how much out earth is being polluted. Another way to stop polluting our own earth, there’s always the simple option of walking, biking, or running to any sort of short distance destination. It may not seem as much especially if one felt too lazy to exercise, since driving is faster and easier. However, since we do and must use cars for long distance areas, it’s already polluting the earth. If we just walked a mile or two everyday, we would be able to live in a cleaner environment.

    Another experience I had done myself was love. I think love is where one person shows sympathy and kindness towards other people. One thing I have done to show love for others was when an earthquake had hit China. This impacted many people; many loves were lost, while others were left starving, and homeless. There were over five channels all broadcasting the same thing. One channel it showed people from the hospital/ police was trying to lift up a boulder that collapsed on this man who was still breathing. Watching it, made me realize that many of them had nothing left and with the people who were still alive, all their lives seemed to be hanging by a thread. To help, I donated at least 20 dollars, including a few more dollars from my siblings and parents. Even if I only donated a few dollars and it won’t be enough to save the hundreds of lives at stake. The 20 dollars came in good use for water and food for at least 3-4 people. Considering that many people are in poverty, a small amount of money can change lives around and start completely new.

    This shows that anyone can change and help the world by donating money or exercising and walking to a few nearer areas. This is my opinion and view on love and on environment.