Angela Tu/Student/Lynbrook High School

On summer days, I like to stand outside and enjoy the summer breeze. The simplicity of such an event reminds me of how delicate everything around me is. Each breath of wind and each ray of sun is part of something bigger than what it seems. Everything works together and without each piece of nature, everything wouldn't meld as it should. Take for example the blanket of leaves covering the ground during fall days. We all love to step on the crunchy ones, sometimes even leaving our paths to do so. And when we do, the sound is the most satisfying thing in the moment. It's simple to step on leaves, but much more difficult to stop and think about what makes this remarkable event happen. The changing of weather causes the leaves to dry out, falling from the trees while they prepare for cold winters. Then the winds spread the leaves in a prismatic covering leaving not a speck of asphalt in sight. Is this wonderful meshing of different elements not an exact representation of how we as humans should behave? Nature has already provided the human race with the perfect template from which to copy from. Yet we choose to ignore all that and venture on our own. Even the youngest of the generations know that the world isn't what it used to be a couple of decades ago. Forests are rapidly disappearing, oceans are being flooded with pollution, and landfills are taking up more space than ever. This disjunction with Mother Nature has caused problems that require time and effort to fix. Solutions that have proven effective are in fact the simplest ones -to be back in harmony with nature.

It is just as simple as it sounds. The best way to fix solutions is to be accepting of what is and what isn't. When arguments arise, there will be sides and people standing for those sides. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and that is something that should be respected. However, it shouldn't be something that causes extreme rifts. Rifts create conflict and that disrupts the balance that all people should have. As long as people can have just the minimal amount of respect, just a tiny little ounce of it, the world would be a much better place. You see, how people behave affect everything in the world, from how people live their lives as well as how the world continues to change around us. Being open minded is one of those things we can do to improve how we interact with each other. That doesn't mean that we necessarily have to agree, but having the ability to listen is much more powerful than any tool in the world.

I love the world, and I want to do my part to improve it. On summer days, I like to stand outside and reflect upon this world I live in. If I could, I would send this message to everybody. We are one big, enormous community no matter where you live; whether or not you are bitter enemies or the best of friends, the world is the world and we have what we are given. Let's make the best of it and together, little by little, we can change who we are. If we aren't doing it for ourselves, then we are doing it for each other. If not for each other, it's for the better. Thank you and do yourself a favor and smile!