Love / Peace / Human Rights / Environment

Amy Lu/student/Cupertino High School

Without love and peace, this world would be in utter chaos.  Humans were born to live and hate, like and dislike, but it is our choice to make peace or war.  You could easily love someone and be in peace with them or just easily hate someone and be in war with them.  Whether it is love/peace or hate/war, we as humans have the ability and responsibility to choose.  When a country goes to war with another, it not only affect the countries themselves but also the whole world.   Because of war and bombing, the environment in the affected countries is severely altered; it might take centuries for the environment to return to its original state.  On the other hand, those two countries could just as easily decide to be at peace with one another, and instead of fighting, they could trade and help each other prosper.  As humans, with the knowledge we possess, each of us has the responsibility to make good choices that will benefit us, our countries and the entire world.