Improve our planet

Isabel Yang/student/Lynbrook High School

It is our responsibility, as humans, to protect and improve our planet to do this, we must understand the problems in out planet.

    One movement everyone can do to improve the wellbeing of our Earth is to recycle. Many people throw their empty bottles and cans into the trash can. This trash then goes into trash dumps, which take up space in our planet. On top of this, not recycling, plastic and aluminum materials causes a decrease in natural resources that means that in the future, there will be no materials for future generations. Therefore, I believe that all people should recycle as much as they can to protect our beloved planet earth.

    Another motion all people can do is to save energy. When we exit a room, we should turn off all electronics, including lights and air conditioning. If everyone teamed up and saved energy and gas, our planet would be in a much better position. This way, later generations will have enough resources to survive happily.

    In conclusion, if everyone in the world teamed up and attempted to improve our planet, there will be magnificent results.