Everyone do this right NOW

Michelle Steal/student/High school

Look around you, right now.
Think of the beauty of the people in your life, the things in your life... your life.
The beauty that you never really took the time to think about, because you were
too busy worrying or focusing on the things you need to do, or the bad things in your life.
Out of all the bad in your life, there is a good. Recognize it.
Take a moment to appreciate it all,
And enjoy it
in whatever way your heat desires.
There will always be time to worry or fix the wrongs in your life.
But right now, enjoy the bright side of your life... the part of your life that you either noticed but never payed much attention to
or didn't notice at all, until you really thought about it and realized was there all along.
Because afterall, this is your life.. and you only have one of them.