I hope more people realize the unfairness

NONE/student/USA / Disi Gao

 Andrew's lecture is both eye-opening and inspiring. I have to admit that even Peru is one of the countries on the same continent with us, what I know about this country is only a few, I know the country is at South America, I know most people there are poor, and that's almost about it. Through Andrew's experience, I learned the climate and geological information, the economy and the people. I realized why people there keep being poor. It is because the big corporations devalued their works and that is how can we get cheap stuffs and live a comfortable life without spending much and that's how can we keep maximum consumption without trashing our neighborhood. We put so much economical and environmental pressures on poor countries like Peru. I hope more people realize the unfairness and start to fix it and we should really care more about those countries who we have harmed and who needs our helps now, rather than go to some tour spots and make more wastes there.

 The movie industry is surely very powerful at portraying. From nationalities, race, gender to politics, and terrorism, humorously or seriously, movies have made many different perspectives on them. Some people may argue that movies can only represents the point of views of its directors, however it's not hard to see that many movies have flown with the superficial culture and the culture was also effected by the movies. The movie "Real Bad Arbs" accused movie industries making Arabians bad figures. Although, most movies were only for entertaining, truly, they can make some stereotypes in the mind of people. We have watched so many Hollywood movies in which terrorism are always look like Arabian, sly merchants  are always Jewish, dangerous scientists are from Russian, and gangleader is some rich guy from China. There are all stereotypes that become one of the reasons of hostility and discrimination. It is the same with the Ads in our TVs. However, it is unnecessary to filter our information and entertaining source and it is really hard to argue which portrait is more correct; on the contrary, it is an emergency to diversify the information we get, therefore we can analyze the information delivered from different sources and view things critically.