respect and love

United airline cabin crew / Avi sassoon

 Our world, our planet should be very precious to all of us. It is our home and a wonderful and beautiful one it is. We need to know that we are all born equal and die equal. When the astronauts look at earth as they are orbiting it from the space shuttle, they all realize with tears in their eyes that there are no country boundaries visible from where they are. Borders are only created by us. So we need to respect each other as *equal* individuals as in essence we are the same.

 Whenever I meet someone or serve someone in my job, I always try to say quietly to myself that the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you (the person I am meeting or serving) and that really helps me create a good interaction with that person. Most importantly each and every one of us should know that we are unique in this world, each of us having a purpose, and to start by loving ourselves which in turn can only result in respecting and loving others.

 "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a wonderfully inspiring motto I live by. I hope and wish for you the same.