Protection of Environment

City Montessori School / Nishtha Agarwal

 Environment is our surroundings and what is around us. It is where we live. Some environments are cleaner than the others and that is a healthy environment, sadly some places are not. This is caused by pollution and littering.

 One should always think whatever one is throwing something on the ground, that there are people who are living in a dump and we are one of the people that are making it worse. We do not want to live in a place where there is no food and no water at all, we will hate and so will they. So, whenever somebody asks us ‘what is environment?’ always say what we think it right and think about not only ourselves, but people around us and also that are living today without water or food. Environment is a big issue still today and is getting worse every second of the day. So please think ‘oh’ what is the point they are not really poor but go visit them and see what is it like to live in a dump or no food or water.

 Pollution is the main cause of Environmental Degradation. Due to increase in human activity, green cover is reducing day by day. Sound pollution, vehicle pollution and industrial pollution have been increasing and causing concern to the existence of human beings. Modern gadgets are one of the causes of or for pollution like refrigerators emitting chlorofluorocarbons and vehicles emitting carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide content is increasing in the atmosphere due to highly polluting activities of human beings. Global warming is increasing day by day due to increase in carbon dioxide content due to which glaciers are disappearing from earth. Due to warm atmosphere due to increase in carbon dioxide content, the presence of glaciers and ice is melting fast due to which the presence of flora and fauna there is being lost. Melting of glaciers and ice is increasing the level of seas resulting in cyclones which are inundating many areas causing colossal loss to humanity. Unless the global warming and environmental degradation is arrested, much destruction of the earth is caused by extinction of flora and fauna thus endangering the lives of human beings.

 Protecting the environment means not to leave a large ecological footprints on earth. Some people spend their whole lives making sure not to pollute the remains of the earth; others want to commit to a few daily routines that will protect the environment.

 There are several ways to protect air, water and soil. We should use water sparingly.  Don’t let water run down the drain. You can fill the sink and use the water to wash fruits and vegetables and then use the same water to wash dishes. Adjust the sprinklers, so they will only water grass and not sidewalk. Use water efficient shower heads, dishwasher facets and sprinklers.

 Clean air is vital to our health, so we should do our part in keeping air clean. Polluted air causes several harmful diseases. Most pollutants come from manufacturing, but there is something we can do to help in our everyday activities. Choose pump sprays, not aerosol sprays, choose latex paints over oil based paints, don’t overfill gas tanks and drive smart. Planting a tree is a great way to give back to the environment.

 One of the easiest things we can do is to eliminate extra waste from our life. When we go to the grocery shopping do we reach for the food with major packaging? Try purchasing second hand goods or shopping at a farmer’s market for food. Bring your own reusable bag to the shop. Reuse and share products.

 We should recycle the goods we use. We can use the vegetable, fruit peel-offs to prepare compost. W should use home made vegetable or fruit juices instead of packed ones. We should follow the three R’s- reuse, reduce and recycle.

 Environment problems that are caused over some decades or centuries occur due to disregard and careless handling of our environment and the population exploitation which is still on an increase.

 For sound environmental management, there is a great need to sensitize the society and make them aware of vital environmental issues.

 All it takes is a second to think about if what we are doing to the environment is harmful. Be mindful of you actions and make choices that are environment friendly. Not only will we help protect the environment, but also will feel great knowing we did out part for mother earth. ‘Save Earth, Save Yourself’.