Striving to reduce nuclear weapons

City Montessori School/Ilma Zeb

Earth is the most beautiful creation of God. It is the duty of us humans to protect its beauty, to save it from threat and mass destruction. Today the natural background radiation, emerging from the activities of the humans is threatening our beautiful planet. We humans artificially produce radioactive materials and pollute the environment. Have you ever thought of what mass destruction we are creating? Why we have completely forgotten that our life is at stake and if we destroy the earth we are destroying our even existence.

Atom is the smallest part of an element but still, it has all the qualities of an element. This atom was discovered by the scientists for the welfare of mankind. Scientists were of view that if they could realize the hidden power of atom, it would create a great revolution. But why did our thinking change? Why did we use our knowledge for destroying human race? Is it the reason why we tail hard to gain knowledge? Why did we create atom bombs? The mad human race for development and to strive for power and excellence is putting our earth in hands of threat. The man-mad radiation is used in production of nuclear weapons, nuclear full and electric power. The radioactive material used in atom bombs is very destructive. We are aware of the impact of radioactivity on man and environment during the 2nd world war when the US dropped atoms bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The black night of 6th and 9th August 194 cannot be forgotten by anyone we could still see the terror and grief in the eyes of the people who are still affected by this destruction; the genetic disorder is still carried forward. What wrong had they done? The ones who even did not open their tiny eyes, were still in the womb of their mother and her hopes and love attached with the new born yet to be born. Why did they suffer, the ones unaware of politics.

Today the main aim of we humans should be to reduce nuclear weapons and the threat that it poses. If we want human race to exist on earth we must strive hard to achieve balance. Our beautiful earth must be preserved; in order to preserve the biodiversity nuclear weapons must be banned. The costs of production of these weapons are extremely high. If the same cost is spent to educate the children or other good and noble use then this earth will be a heaven. Let’s make a beautiful heaven with our own hands and decorate it with flowers that are the children born, and yet to come.

So let’s join hands, “Reduce nuclear weapon and create heaven”.