Prevent Arms Race

City Montessori School / PARAS SRIVASTAVA

 In today’s society everything is moving at a fast pace; sometimes so fast that we are unable to comprehend it. Each country now wishes to safeguard itself or to become super power and increase their influence in the world. In order to do this each country is trying to improve it’s army, navy and air force and is spending billions of dollars to produce better, quicker and more destructive arms, weapons and missiles.

 What the countries do not realize is the fact that more number of arms will ultimately lead to more destruction. Weapons are not created to be caressed in the lab or to be hung as artifacts in drawing rooms .Whatever may be the intention the ultimate result is destruction; destruction of mankind and the whole planet.

 The arms race that has started amongst the powerful countries is harmful for the world as a whole. It is because of not only the huge amount weapons created but also that the smaller countries get inspired to follow the example. At the present time USA has the biggest military to be followed by China and India. In case of weapons also USA occupies the top spot to be followed by Israel, China and India.

 All these powerful countries have strained relations with one or the other. The situation is such that if a war begins among them in no time it will cumulate into a 3rd World War. The nuclear weapons created if used will undoubtedly lead to extinction of mankind.

 The only way to prevent the arms race among the countries is disarmament and simultaneously the prevention of creation of more arms. Disarmament means the destroying of weapons in such a manner that the adverse effects are very less or none at all.

 India stands for complete disarmament and not for partial disarmament as is advocated by other nations. Disarmament will not only prevent a world war but also maintain peace and security within nations. If the arms race could be stopped or at least reduced then the amount money which was earlier spent on production of weapons could be used for upliftment of humanity. This would benefit not only the common man but also the country. The economic standard of the country will improve, illiteracy will decrease and so will several other problems of the nation. The change in the status and level of the country can be estimated only by the fact that the manufacture of a single F-14 bomber plane will take an equal amount of money as will be taken to build a college with  a hundred rooms and all other facilities.

 Disarmament and preventing arms race is a need not only of humanity but of the entire world. If the race of armaments continues the world would come to an end. Each major city of the world would become Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If  nuclear destruction takes place nobody will remain a superpower. There will be no difference between north and south, east and west, developed and undeveloped, weak or strong, poor or prosper. Then what is the use of increasing arms. I would like to say to those countries who do it under the pretext of safeguarding themselves that peace can never be established with war. There is always a spark left which, given the chance may become a fire. The countries ought to give up their greed in order to satisfy man’s need. The millions saved by not making weapons could instead be used for a nobler purpose. I am certain that the world will then become a better, more cosy and more peaceful place to live in.