Protect Environment

City Montessori School / MANTASHA SABIR

 In the last 50 years, man has rapidly made many inventions to make life easy for mankind. While doing this he has ignored nature’s warning for self perseveration and conservation of life on earth. In our world, there are millions of species and nature has given each a role to play. Nature by itself keeps a balance to run this cycle smoothly. Man with his greed and lust has disturbed the whole cycle. He is forgetting that he is a part of this cycle. We are reducing forest, which are the lungs of our earth, to build our homes.  We are clearing forest to build towns and factories. We fight for petrol because we think that it has become our lifeline. The factories and cars are polluting air per second. By reducing forest, we are making life difficult for wildlife. Our wildlife is being recklessly destroyed for selfish end. With fast dwindling of forest of wildlife, there has been a serious deterioration in the quality of life of ecology. Indiscriminate felling of trees and destructions of forests are causing disastrous floods, soil erosion, frequent drought, spread of desert area, landslides, loss of crops and a huge damage to life and property every year. By cutting forest we are making life difficult for animals and birds and insects, because birds and incest live in trees and holes only. We think that ‘adivasies’ are backward, illiterate. But they now wildlife and nature better then us. Pollution makes our environment unfit for living. It becomes a health hazard. We have to check and control it.

 Scientists are warning us about our negligence towards nature. We are facing floods, irregular monsoons and droughts. We throw garbage in drains without thinking that it will choke the rain and when the heavy rain takes place then the water is not able to go to big drains, that is how the flood occurs. Ultimately the solution lies in the reestablishing the broken link between man and nature.

 The responsibility of greening the country and preserving environment rests on all citizens. If they want to save themselves they must save their environment.

 If we still ignore our environment, the day is not far off when we will see butterflies, birds, fishes, and animals only in story books and pictures. We will have to conserve these beautiful species by conserving nature. Ignorance towards nature is dangerous to environment and ultimate to mankind.

 At last I want to say this that save your future by saving your environment.