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 With the discovery of nuclear weapons the threat of a nuclear war has increased. Scientists say that when a nuclear war would take place it would probably bring the world to an end. The progress in developing the sources of nuclear energy, has resulted in the problem of disposal of nuclear wastes. The UN has played an important role in arms control particularly the use of nuclear weapons which causes a lot of destruction. Barrack Obama has declared a goal of a world free of nuclear weapons but moving towards zero is going to be difficult. He pledged to take concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and urged others to do the same. He is trying to eliminate the nuclear bombs of the world while the terrorists are trying to get them. This is good because if we will eliminate them, it will be a lot harder to terrorists to get them. Also because if there are fewer bombs in the world then there is no chance of the World War 3 to begin and we can all live in peace.

 Nuclear weapons are not for our own good, but they cause a lot of destruction of life and property. From the early time many weapons are being used by men. Early human beings used weapons like spears to kill animals which wasn’t harmful but now people are using nuclear weapons to kill the human beings which is very bad thing that people are fighting with each other instead of living in peace and harmony. So we must all take various steps to reduce nuclear weapons.