Human Rights--Respect

Organization Garden Gate Elementary School/student/R.O.C/Gill Wang

Part1: Car Safety

When my mom drove on the car I saw a lot of people not following car rules. For example, when cars are suppose to stop on sop signs I just see some people go past the stop sign without stopping the just drive directly through. Also, when we are driving people just honk us for no reason. Even though they’re in a rush they shouldn’t just honk people. That is not respecting other people and other cars. I think that every car has the rights to go, but they have to respect each other and other cars.

Part 2: School

In school when I was second grade my classmates often forget to bring stuff like erasers and pencils. So when they need to use it they just take it off my desk and use it without asking me. I think that it is not right to do that, because other people do not have the rights to not respect other people. So he or she needs to ask other people for permission if they want to use their stuff. Sometimes I do it now in fourth grade so I need to tell myself that is not respecting other people.

Part3: My Mom and I

Everybody needs to respect everyone. Like I need to respect my parents also. When my mom is talking to me I need to look at her not look at somewhere else. That is not respecting her if I look somewhere else. When my mom asks me to help her do something or asking me a question I should answer. Also, I should always respect my mom and my dad. If I want them to respect me I have to respect them just like if I want other people to respect me I have to respect them first.

Part4: Environments

Earth is a living thing like us. Earth has the rights to keep itself clean and not polluted. People do not have the right to pollute the earth. We shouldn’t hurt the hurt the earth. We shouldn’t litter , cut down trees, and don’t pull down leaves and grass. We should also reuse.