Human Right and Playground

Garden Gate Elementary School, student, R.O.C / Clara Shen

On the playground, we should follow the rules and be respectful. Sometimes on the playground, people get in fights. For example, last, last week, my friend got in a fight. I tried to solve it, but I could not. Sometimes I also get in fights.

Another thing is if you play a game, you have to be fair. Last time when I was playing tag, a person pushed me and said I was kicking her. Next, I will talk about how to be respectful. Some ways you can be respectful is if someone was waiting for a turn on the swing, you should let them or if you are playing basketball and you are the referee, you are supposed to pay attention. Now I will talk about how to follow the rules.

For example, since our school has yard duties to watch us, they remind us the rules. Since they remind us the rules, we should be very nice to each other. But if you do not have Y.D.,  just try to remember the rules. Finally, I will talk about what I sometimes forget to do is to listen to Y.D. Usually I play on the grass, so they do not come and remind me.

Another thing is when I run with one of my friends, the others cannot catch up and get mad. I try to not run away while playing because the others will be bored.